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nifty HR10
nifty HR12N
nifty HR12 2x4
nifty HR12 4x4
nifty HR15N
nifty HR15 4x4
nifty HR17N
nifty HR17 4x4
nifty HR18 4x4
nifty HR21 2x4
nifty HR21 4x4

Samohybné pracovné plošiny s pevnými kolesami bez stabilizátorov

Niftylift’s Self Propelled platforms have working heights ranging from 10m - 33ft to 21m - 69ft. All are compact and manoeuvrable and can be driven from the platform in any boom position saving time and improving efficiency. With ‘Narrow’ and 4WD chassis options available* they are ideal for industrial or construction environments. Easy to use proportional controls make operation simple and features such as telescopic booms, fly-booms / jibs and platform rotation maximise their effectiveness on any task.

Power options available include battery, petrol / gas, diesel and ‘Bi-Energy’ (e.g. battery & diesel), combining the benefits of two power sources on the same machine.*

* Not available on all models, check specification sheets for details of exact features.